Monday, January 2, 2012

Sneak preview of the sock to be drawn in February, the 'Old-Timer' size (adult medium).

I had started with the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge striped Regia yarn, which is fun, but an entire sock? I did not love. Ripped back on the weekend of December 10th to accommodate a more 'manly' (?) charcoal-grey main colour for the sock, keeping the stripes for accents on the cuff and heel/toe. I love them madly. Love the K3, P1 rib (pattern from the WiseHilda blog).

Socks being knitted are not very photogenic, apologies. They just kind of lie there, flaccid, tout mou... More fun, I believe, when someone offers their own foot and gingerly poses with the needles poking out all around...

As for those colours -- the red, white and blue combo is just so evocative. Not many French or American people I know would wear such a combination -- or would they?

Even though the blue is not exactly right, the red-white-navy combination is Elliot's team jersey (and has been for the last 4 years!) And in the words of Loco Locass:

Bleu! pour le St-Laurent
Blanc! comme l'hiver
Rouge! comme le sang qui nous coule à travers

(...) C'est plus qu'un sport :
c't' une métaphore de notre sort
C'est ça qui nous ressemble
C'est ça qui nous rassemble
Anglo, franco peu importe ta couleur de ta peau
Si tu détestes Toronto le sang qui bouge dans tes artères...

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